Q. How far in advance should I reserve the visit?

A. Usually 2-3 days is enough. However the busiest day is Saturday. On Saturdays patients traveling from outside of the city can find that the traffic levels are high and that traffic jams and unreliable train services can impact their punctuality.

Note: It is quite important that you call me from a telephone with Caller I.D. switched on. Unfortunately I receive quite a lot of calls from different marketing companies which causes me to occasionally neglect unidentified incoming calls. If you call and the number is busy, I would kindly request that you call again or wait on the second line. Despite receiving a high number of calls, I do not have a secretary in order to save further costs of the treatment and to remain in direct contact with you.

Q. I suffer from acne. Further examination has shown also Staphylococcus aureus...

A. The bacteriological examination of the skin swab reminds me of watching the sky with a small telescope – only few stars are visible. The most commonly used agar bed will allow only the aerobic microorganism growth. So we will still miss anaerobic bacteria, fungi’s, viruses, tubercle bacilli and so on.

The situation changes if there is a suspicion of any particular microorganism infection, for example blue pus bacterium infection. Recognising this bacterium clarifies the situation and suggests using the direct treatment leading towards bacteria elimination. Even more important examinations are those towards Tuberculosis of the skin, which, after years of absenteeism returns to Poland. It is worth adding that skin tuberculosis is a result of an unneeded and prolonged antibiotics therapy, for example against the staphylococcus. Tubercle bacillus shows resistance against the common antibiotics.

Pathogenicity of Staphylococcus aureus on the skin is not an obvious question. It is commonly recognized as a harmful flora, but it is sometimes possible to grow it from the skin of completely healthy people. The examination towards Staphylococcus aureus does not help the treatment and it may only negatively influence patient’ panic, as the patients tend to think they are the carriers of some exotic disease. It does not change the fact that treatment of the acne is sometimes difficult and I can understand the patients willing to have some additional examinations performed. In any case, the results of such examinations need to be very carefully analyzed.

Q. My son is allergic. What kind of food should he avoid?

A. First of all, allergies, besides few well-founded cases are recognized too prematurely. I consider some 90% of the patients with diagnosed allergy to be free of it. The situation is additionally complicated as the blood tests intended to show the allergy for particular products (RAST) are not precise. If the child has a dry skin, with occasional scabs after scratching it does not mean it is necessarily an allergy.

However patients with atopic skin infection, inborn immunological defect with lesions mainly at the knees and elbows should avoid chocolate, colourful beverages, sea food and some fish.

Q. Is it possible to contract psoriasis?

A. Fortunately not. Psoriasis is a genetic disease. It shows up at childhood, but some people start to suffer when they are around 40-60.

Q. How long does a course of acne treatment in a young person last?

A. From 6 to 12 months. In more serious cases, treatment may take longer.

Q. What is your education, medical qualifications?


  • Medical faculty at the Medical Academy in Warszawa 1987-93
  • Post graduated hospital internship 1993-1994
  • 1st grade of specialization in the Military Medical Academy in Warszawa 1994-97
  • 2nd grade of specialization in the Military Medical Academy in Warszawa 1997-99
  • Doctorate studies in Postgraduate Education Center in Military Medical Academy 1999-2003
  • Doctorate thesis finalized by receiving the doctorate degree with honours in July 2003
  • My own scientific researches including the doctorate thesis were related to alopecia areata treatment and its possible reasons.
  • Currently I work on starting up the post doctoral degree procedure, I aspire to receive a fund for research and so called “grant” – a scientific assignment.
  • I am a reviewer of the prestige Journal Of Investigative Dermatology and others.
  • I also work as a consultant to a number of pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.

Q. How long have you had a consulting room? What are the legal grounds of your company?


The consulting room was established in 1997. Until very lately I received the patients jointly with my father Dr. Jerzy Wasyłyszyn in his consulting room on Smiała Street. Currently, since August 2003, as you well know, I have been working in my own consulting room on Andersa Street.

As to the legal foundations of my firm, there are typical documents, required when one runs a company:

  • Legal registration and a registration number
  • Number for tax identification

From the medical practice point of view the most important are the following documents:

  • Medical Academy diploma
  • Allowance for the medical practice
  • Certificate of registration at the individual medical practices
  • Specializations and doctorate diplomas

The consulting room at the Andersa Street has the following legal foundations:

  • Permission from the Communal Housing Administration
  • The consulting room design accepted by Health and Safety specialist as well as Local Epidemiological Station
  • Permission from the local authority of Architecture
  • Handover protocol from Local Epidemiological Station

Q. I am going abroad for 3 months. I have a digital camera, and am going to take a picture of my skin lesions and send it to you via the internet. Could you please send me your diagnosis via email?

A. Certainly not. The medical examination consists of the interview, the patient’s examination (but not the remote one) and additional analysis. Neglecting this procedure would be a serious error from a Polish legal stand point. Whilst away you would need to consult a local doctor.

However you are welcome to use email to contact me.

Q. What do you do after hours?

A. If I am not busy with writing articles or working on my web site I spend my time with my son – Kazik. My hobby is music.

Q. The last time you prescribed medicines to be made up at the pharmacy, they would not prepare them. What should I do?

A. It is right that having the medicines prepared for you at the pharmacy may create a problem. In any such case I would recommend the pharmacy at Dzika Street, number 4 (at the corner with Stawki street). An additional advantage is that sometimes this pharmacy prepares the medicines on the spot, while you are waiting.


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