Laser treatment

The treatment is performed by myself within the Private Institute of Health and Beauty in Warszawa ( There are 2 types of equipment available. Both are from the Candela Company and are used for different types of treatment.

Our new, modern machines are still under warranty and are calibrated regularly. They have been bought as new machines which is not necessarily the case in other consulting rooms. Your attention is drawn to the fact that the safety and quality of this equipment far exceeds the quality of portable lasers. Dermatological lasers, particularly in the treatment of facial blood vessel lesions.


Used for blood vessel treatment, such as cavernous angioma or flat coetaneous h(a)emangioma, erythema which resist conservative therapy. For such therapeutic indications this laser is recognized as the safest and the most efficient in the world, the so called “golden standard”. The treatment is almost painless. Directly after the treatment the area will appear quite livid, sometimes to quite an extent, which will disappear after 7-14 days.

It should be underlined that since I have been working on this laser (around 4 years) I have never observed any kind of wounds, ulceration, or other damage of the skin. This is the result of the laser construction. The laser beam is absorbed solely by tissues that are red in colour, i.e. blood vessels. The remaining tissue remains intact. The treatment removes 30-80% of lesions, depending of the strength of radiation. Usually 2 treatments (and quite frequently 1, but sometimes 3 or more) result in a complete removal of the lesion.

LASER Smooth-Beam (S-BEAM)

Is used for the flattening of wrinkles on the face and neck.

Carefully chosen laser radiation stimulates the connective tissue cell division. This results in the wrinkles filling with natural tissue, which gives better results that any kind of injection.

The effect is visible a couple of weeks after the treatment. 2-3 treatments are normally enough to achieve the required cosmic effect. This laser can be used for upper lip wrinkle flattening, and in such cases this laser is unique. The possibility for plastic surgery on this part of the face is very limited.


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