Significant part of human population suffers from cold hands. A fraction of them shows so called Raynaud illness which includes a paroxysmal hands freezing with a blanching (up to the total numbness) with a subsequent congestion and lividity The symptoms are painful, too. Such symptoms can indicate different ilnesses. They are called “Raynaud symptom”. One of the most dengareous ilnesses showing the Raynoud symptom, apprearing much earlier than the ilness itself, is a systemic sclerosis. In sclerosis diagnostics the specialistic immunological examinations are the most important. But as the results show the relatively easy examination such as capillaroscopy can be very useful in diagnosis of systemic sclerosis and other deseases of connective tissue. Capillaroscopy consists of a microscopic examination of the walls of the hand nails.

Patients are supposed to have a reccomendation for the capillaroscopy from their leading doctor - or at least after consultation with vascular surgeon or rheumatologist


We perform nailfold capillaroscopy now. Please call about two weeks before planned term of investigation.


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